The True Story of a Remarkable Woman
Who Harnessed the Power of Her Intuition
to Guide Every Step of Her Healing Journey

The True Story of a Remarkable Woman Who Harnessed to Discover the Power of Her Intuition to Guide Every Step of Her Healing Journey

The Freedom of Frequency book
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About this book

This book is about issues that are close to my heart. First and foremost, I am sharing my story because I want to inspire you, the reader, to take charge of yourself and realise your incredible healing capacities. I want to suggest that you look inside yourself for answers to your questions about your health and well-being. From the broader perspective, I wrote this book to help bring about healing in a sick society. My vision is that of a movement of empowered people: people who know their worth; people who know their capabilities; people who are happy and healthy …

So writes Sandy Torah McShane in this brutally frank yet uplifting memoir. Like a modern-day Persephone, Sandy must descend to a kind of underworld – travel to the very depths of her being – in order to heal herself of cancer.

Eschewing surgery and “chemo for life”, she educates herself about the body’s capacity to heal itself and decides to beat cancer 100 per cent naturally. There is pain and heartbreak along the way. But there is also laughter and dancing, the healing power of sound and breathwork, the love of her family, and the guidance of her dreams.

Once she gets going and makes up her mind, Sandy heals herself the way she does everything – with passion, audacity and shrewd intelligence. 

With helpful guidance for readers along the way, THE FREQUENCY OF FREEDOM will not only be loved by those confronted with a cancer diagnosis but by everyone who wants to heal themselves on all levels … physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

About me

I grew up in the Blue Mountains, moved to Cairns when I was 21 and lived in QLD since that time and more recently, have been travelling in South East Asia. I have a 21 year old son, 20 year old stepdaughter, 18 year old stepson and an 8 year old daughter. They’re a very magical and important part of my world.

I have always worked in caring and supportive roles throughout life – kids, elderly, disability – all in varying roles. I have had a strong interest in personal evolution, spirituality and energy healing since I was about 20. In my late twenties, I obtained an Advanced Diploma in Body Psychotherapy and Energy Healing. I did the course for my own personal growth which was very much needed at the time. I integrated this into myself and all that I learned was very complimentary to the work I did which for the most part, was providing some kind of support to people who needed help. In recent times I have been writing and doing sound and energy healing using tuning forks and many of the skills I learned in my earlier training.

In May 2018 I received a shocking diagnosis of colorectal cancer, stage 3. The medical advice was to have radiation, followed by a bowel resection, colostomy bag, heavy chemotherapy and possible reversal of the bag down the track. While I visited the radiation room, day after day for five weeks, my intuition screamed and screamed at me, telling me I had to go my own path as I would not survive the route that had been offered. One day, I finally stopped and listened and I fully believe this decision not only saved my life, it transformed my life into a magical existence. I decided in that moment to stop listening to all the advice coming from many places – medical professionals, family and friends and work colleagues. In that moment – I chose me. I decided my voice was the wisest of them all and the voice that knew the best way forward. With that, I wasted no time and declined the surgery and chemotherapy that had been offered to me and promptly set out to heal myself. Throughout my life I had heard a sweet whisper from within that everything I will ever need is right here, within me. It wasn’t until I had healed myself that I understood this to be very true.

Although I set out to heal a physical ailment that could have ended my time here on earth, what I unknowingly embarked on was a journey through myself, through my inner worlds. I traversed my own underworlds. It was very rough at first, however as I healed things became easier and easier. When I came out the other side, I realised that I had not only healed myself, but I had also personally evolved quite significantly and I continue to do so. I was no longer who I used to be and would never be returning to who I formerly was. This happened via journeying through my inner landscapes, inner galaxies – the good, the bad, the ugly, the magic, the potentials. I looked at all of it, I saw many aspects of myself, that had not been seen, heard or acknowledged. I comforted the wounded parts of myself and gave her as much space and support as she needed to heal these parts. I transformed and transmuted many aspects that were no longer needed in their current form. I looked shame, guilt, anger, jealousy and all those hard to handle human emotions, right in the eye and transformed them into higher ways of being. I nurtured my intuition, the magical part of me I had pretty much turned my back on for many years. I found higher aspects of myself that are capable of magic in many realms. I cultivated more intuition, courage, magic, discipline, self-love, joy, honesty and persistence, to name a few. Essentially, I lightened my load, letting go of density and inviting in more light. The result is a very content me, who finds it smooth and easy to navigate the external world.

We are incredible beings with so much potential that many do not even know exists. We are capable of amazing things. Having been on this journey, I decided I wanted to share some of the things I have learned with others. I have written a book – ‘The Frequency of Freedom’ and am so excited to share it with the world. It will be released in the coming months.

Latest Articles

The Holy Coffee Enema

Many people are curious yet tentative about doing coffee enemas for health reasons. There is loads of conflicting information on the internet, as there seems to be a war on anything that comes under the enormous umbrella of “natural healing”. You could ask your medical professional about it but don’t expect a positive response as they are not trained in this technique, unless they practice integrative medicine. So, you may wish to ask a natural therapist who is trained in this area.

A Serendipitous and Spontaneous Dance with Cosmic Me

I was having an ozone treatment at a clinic in Bali, lying back on a bed with my earplugs in and listening to the voice of Ram Dass backed by enchanting and rhythmical music. This day I was particularly relaxed.

Spontaneously, I started focusing on my root chakra, the area where I have been having problems. I automatically started sending it love, and as the music played, as the percussion grooved, I imagined the music penetrating deep into this chakra. 

Back to Basics

I’d been travelling for about five months, living out of a suitcase and simultaneously listening closely to my intuition, with the intent of returning my health to a state of balance, of homeostasis.

Bali Harmonic Magic

I had literally been gobbled up by the rental crisis. Moving and packing and looking for the next place to live had consumed me whole for around eight months. “Exhausted” was an understatement. On this particular day, I was just doing a little bit of packing, as I was so tired. I had made an agreement with myself – just a little.

A Brief Interlude With The Angel Of Death

I had literally been gobbled up by the rental crisis. Moving and packing and looking for the next place to live had consumed me whole for around eight months. “Exhausted” was an understatement. On this particular day, I was just doing a little bit of packing, as I was so tired. I had made an agreement with myself – just a little.

The mystical healing of Shirodhara (Ayurvedic Indian head massage)

As always, the big iron gate is just slightly ajar; a welcoming gesture. I enter the garden, admiring the big handmade swing hanging from a high tree branch, green vines entwined around each rope, and Mee, the lovely Thai lady eagerly awaiting my arrival, rushes out with the most divine smile and slips a pair of fresh slippers on my feet.

Magical Thailand: A place to slow down and heal

I had been in Thailand for about six weeks on a personal healing pilgrimage. I was having as many massages as I could. Whilst in Phuket, my darling seven-year-old daughter, Manon, and our fabulous forty-something friend, Bron, arrived for a visit from Australia.

First sighting of 5D doctors

I’ve never been one to go to a hospital unless it is absolutely necessary, and when I have had to go, my stays have been short. Since I was a child, I just haven’t liked them.

In my first forty-four years on the planet, I had only two admissions in total. Both times I signed myself out against doctor’s orders. Oh, and a third – the day I was born. Perhaps that’s when my distrust of hospitals began because my birth wasn’t a smooth one, that’s for sure. Had I been able to do so as a newborn baby, I’m sure I would have signed myself out then also.

Caring for each other – it’s our true nature

The crucial topic of emotional release is visited many times throughout my book, The Frequency of Freedom, a memoir of my personal healing journey. I had to feel deeply, over a three-year period, and let go of many old emotions to make myself strong, free and healthy again.

Electric Lady: from density To light

I have seen myself as a vehicle for spirit for many decades. Starting at the age of about twenty, I had a strong internal longing to carry this mission out – I didn’t know how, exactly, yet this yearning was stronger than any other desire I had.

An incredible day 

I was very eager to get to my second art therapy session with Christine. When I’d initially eyeballed her brochure, with its picture of a pair of hands holding a ball of brown clay, my inner Jesus/inner Buddha/intuition – or whatever you want to call it – got so excited, I nearly jumped out of my skin. A series of very challenging events in the previous weeks and months had led me to Christine’s door, but looking back now, I can see that they were perfectly aligned to bring me what I needed, and for that, I will forever be grateful.

The Freedom of Frequency book

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